Tuesday, 16 April 2013

'Tache Wars!

Mother Nature has demonstrated to us (via David Attenborough) that she can only tolerate one alpha male in any pack and, in terms of upper-lip facial adornments, the undisputed 'stag' in the Grillust™ studio is Mr. Jasper Van Looveren-Baines (21).

However, on returning from the Easter break our 'Monarch of the Glen' (Mr. Van Looveren-Baines) was given a nasty surprise when he discovered that 'young buck' Mr. Matthew Gordon (also 21) had secretly been cultivating his own elaborate, upper-lip adornment in a valiant attempt to wrestle the crown from the veteran champ.

It was a close run thing, as the photo below graphically and dramatically demonstrates (Jasper is on the left, Matthew on the right):

At first sight it appeared that the champ had been toppled by this young pretender, but closer inspection (by our resident Moustache Adjudicator) revealed that once straightened, Jasper's 'tache still had the edge on his challenger (see photo below).

While Jasper breathed a sigh of relief, Matthew was quoted as saying: "I might not have won the battle but I haven't lost the war. I shall fight him on the beaches; once more into the breach dear friends..." (At this point he became a little incoherent and emotional Ed.)

This leads us to conclude that the plucky Matthew is going to take on Jasper in a mammouth moustache war of attrition!

The excitement mounts. Who will win? There's only four weeks left until the end of term! Can Matthew do it? Has Jasper still got what it takes? Only time will tell...

Check back next week for a full update on this exciting 'Clash of the Titans'!



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