Friday, 26 April 2013

Moniker Related Skill No.01 - Hayley Ukulele

Here at Grillust HQ we like to think our interviews are not only informative but pleasantly informal too. For example, take the time we interviewed Hayley Ukulele, who came all the way from Hull College to vie for a place on the course.

We said... "Can you play the ukulele?" whilst thrusting the official office ukulele (what do you mean other, inferior, courses don't have an official office ukulele?) into Hayley's hands the very moment she walked in the door. And what do you know?

If only we'd thought to ask Barry Bagpipes or Hector Horn if they had any moniker related skills!

The name Hayley Ukulele is a fabrication. As is Barry Bagpipes. Hector Horn? he's real though.

Next week - Kelly Kittenjuggler.

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