Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Competition Time!

One of the unforeseen and regrettable ramifications of the Border region digital switchover in 2008-09, was that we were no longer able to use our old analogue Tony Peart.

While we’re obviously delighted with our crisp new digital Tony we didn’t just want to throw the old one away so, like our Betamaxvideo recorders and View-Masters, it’s been sat in the cupboard ever since. 

However, as our 3rd year graphic design students have recently been working on a project with Bargain Hunt antiques expert Paul Laidlaw (more of that later), we asked Paul if he would cast his expert eye over our discarded Tony in the hope we might be able to raise a bit of cash at auction.
Paul Laidlaw. Antique Expert on BBC's 'Bargain Hunt'
Paul Laidlaw, from off of TV's Bargain Hunt, casts his expert eye over our rare, mint condition, analogue Tony Peart.
So, what's it worth?
Simply send in your estimate of the worth of our obsolete Tony. The person who get’s closest to Paul’s valuation wins postal orders to the value of five shillings.

A 'Tony' is Carlisle un-rhyming slang for a portion of chips & baked beans as served in our canteen. e.g. I think I'll have a Tony for dinner* today

A 'full Tony' 
*for readers in the south Dinner = Luncheon


  1. Assuming mint condition (analogue Tony hasn't succumbed to damp and unwanted drafts etc.), I estimate the value to be two portmeirion tea services or a mid-size ditchfield paperweight.

    1. Oh come on David man!!! We're professionals! He's been wrapped in acid-free tissue, well away from daylight and in a temperate zone (the area underneath Rhiannon's desk). You'll surely have to add a Suzie Cooper teacup and a Charlotte Read, tube-lined vase (in turgid brown) to your value. We're talking Tony here not a Ray...

  2. That's reassuring to hear. In that case I will match your Suzie Cooper teacup and Charlotte Read tube-lined vase (in turgid brown) -and raise you a Troika vase and a random piece of Scandinavian glassware. I'm keen to secure this lot, as my efforts at purchasing Analogue Ray were scuppered when I was informed it's 'technically' still in use and not for sale.