Friday, 25 October 2013

Famous Artists (You've Probably Never Heard of) - No.1 Léon Spilliaert

The first in an occasional series.

Plucky little Belgium, for such a small country they've given the world so much!
Beer; more beer; Jacques Brel (no he wasn't French); chocolates; Poirot (fictional) and a whole host of exceptional artists, architects and designers.
Most importantly for the Grillust Team, it was the Belgians who first had the genius idea of combing chips (french fried potatoes) with mayonnaise (mayo), to produce a delicacy we truly consider Haute Cuisine (Hot Food).

However, we're not here to talk about fine food, it's the Fine Art (do you see what I did there) of Belgium that must concern us, specifically the haunting work of Léon Spilliaert.

The Essential Facts:
Léon Spilliaert (28 July 1881 – 23 November 1946)

Born in Ostend

Self-taught artist, initially worked as an illustrator

Sickly, unhappy and reclusive as a young man = his greatest work

Happily married family man later in life = less interesting work

At the heart of the Symbolist Movement

Mostly worked in charcaol with ink.

Produced some of the most haunting and subtly disturbing work of the twentieth century... 

See for yourself:

Vertigo (1909)

The Gust of Wind (1904)

Self-Portrait with Mirror (1908)

Self-Portrait (1906)

La Galerie Royale d'Ostende

The Persuit (1910)

The Moon and Lights (1909)

Figure (1905)

Self-Portrait (1908)

The Night (1908)

Digue D’Ostende Aux Reverberes (1908)

Portrait (1907)

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