Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Uh-oh, it's the new students!!!

We apologise for the paucity of recent posts but we've been very busy making our new students feel at home.

As things settle down a little, we're grabbing this opportunity to introduce our recent Grillust™ recruits (all 21) to all our loyal followers on the world wide inter-web.

As is traditional, our first action was to arrange them all from North to South (based on the place they call home). Here are the results:


What conclusions can we make...

Well, we can categorically state that we really are a truly 'global' course, with all four cardinal compass directions covered: N - Helsinki (Finland); S - Durban (South Africa); E - Hong Kong (China); W - Tampa (USofA). 

We also found out that the people of 'God's own county' (Yorkshire) can get along with Lancastrians, Grillust™is still 'massive' in Salford (and Spain) and Nottingham is North of Leicester.

Once the students had been arranged and catalogued, we officially 'broke the ice' using our very own ancient, top-secret recipe that has strangers talking to one another almost instantaneously. See below if you don't believe us:

Next it was time to break out the tennis balls for our annual game of 'Studio Ball'. 

At this point the tutors retire to a safe distance. In our case 'Mac'Enroe Mountain (do you see what we did there), the lofty vantage point, covered with computers from which this dramatic photo was taken:

Finally, it was time to unleash our students onto the tranquil streets of Carlisle with our very own digital 'treasure hunt'. The ensuing chaos is graphically pictured below:

PS. It really was a fun week and we can state with confidence that they really are lovely people.


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