Thursday, 17 October 2013

The conceptual editorial illustrations of Pete Ryan

Peter ryan is an illustrator and in his own words - "He works with acrylic paint, silkscreens, block prints, and airbrushes to make his work. He works insanely long hours, but that's what makes him happiest. Pete has won some awards and been recognized in some industry annuals - I'm sure you can guess which ones. He loves coming up with solutions to problems and will likely shock you with the amount of ideas he provides for each project. Pete also loves Boston Terriers and Middle Earth".

The reason I'm posting Pete's work on here isn't simply that it looks great, though that is true. I'm posting because of the communication, the way in which Pete has summed up often complex messages in a simple and striking way. More often that not you can see what the article is about without reading a thing and that, ladies and gentlemen, is good illustration.


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