Monday, 24 February 2014

Amy Winehouse Visits Grillust H.Q.

Yes, we were surprised as well.

We've often featured the strange and wonderful work that students bring along to their interviews for a place on the course (the most recent being the 'Dead Dictators' series of screen-prints from earlier this year) but we've never had someone bring along their dog before!

As our candidates come from all over the country and have often travelled for a considerable time, we understand that the interviews are also an opportunity for mums, dads, grannies and cousins to stretch their legs, take in the fresh air and have a look around our lovely campus. So by extending the logic it seems only fair that the same courtesy is extended to our four-legged friends.

So here's the lovely 'Amy Winehouse' (yes, she's a dog) who dropped by for last Wednesday's interviews.

We think Amy is possibly a Chihuahua (although we're not 100% sure) however, what we can say is that she hails from Knaresborough, is very well behaved and has a winning smile.

Spot the difference: Amy Winehouse (left) and Amy Winehouse (right)


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