Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Scenes from the Life Room

The first year Illustration students have just commenced an intensive twelve week stint in the life room.


Well, it's because we're quite 'old fashioned' here at Grillust Towers in believing that our Illustrators should learn to draw with confidence and understanding before they tackle the more 'weighty' illustration projects that will come later in the course.

The ability to draw well, underpins all great illustration. If you want to be a great concert violinist you have to first learn to play your instrument with great competence. It's the same with illustration, you have to develop technical skills (in this case the ability to draw) before you can undertake any illustration problem with confidence.

It's the start of a long journey...

Life Drawing, it's a dirty business
Katie is appearing as Magical Mr. Mistoffelees in the Carlisle Amateur Dramatic Association rendition of 'Cats'.
3 minute drawings
Dirty Boy!!
More 3 minute drawings...
As above...
Mmm... lovely lady-like hands.
Rhian after a hard afternoon at the 'charcoal face'.
It's a little known fact that all of Ben's facial hair is actually 'drawn on' by hand each day in charcoal (he uses a mirror).


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