Thursday, 20 February 2014

First Years
Tv Go Home
Title Sequences

Grillust YR1s have just completed a two week title sequence project that is built around a series of After Effects tutorials, delivered by our very own A.V. Sith Lord, Darth Dave. 

Working in pairs or for the more cosmopolitan, trios, students were challenged with giving intro sequences to titles from Charlie Brooker's TV Go Home - well worth a look if you're not familiar. 

Mr Brooker's creations are irreverent, often side splitting and, we warn you now, not always for the easily offended. Some of the work delivered followed all of those characteristics.

On that note, we start with this hefty delight from Jake Barber and Nathan Linney. Both 21

Moving swiftly on



Logic Problems, The Movie. Sunday Afternoon telly-tastic.
Created by Maddy Mould (21), Ben Newboult (21) and Katie Lock (21)

Shot on location in England's beautiful Lake District by Hannah Holmes and Laura Meszaros (both 21).


Created by Amy Sims, Rachael Sims and Vincent Walden (3 X 21)



 From the twisted imaginations of Amber Currithers (21) and Amy Jackson (21)...

Here's James Reay (21) and Sophie Taylor's (21) take on what sounds like a lovely Sunday evening situation comedy

Mollie Barker (21) and Drew Burns (21) enter the mind of 'Wombles' composer Mr Mike Batt.

 The titles for a romantic comedy from the trio of twenty-one year olds Hayley Newell, Rhian Wood and Ben Pinkney.

Finally we see what Rachael Tunstall, Iinu Karna and Lisa Kerr (all 21) made of a tessellated  thriller.


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