Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Lunch - The Changshu Six Take on the Grillust Staff and Win!

This semester we've had six students studying with us on an exchange from Changshu Institute of Technology (C.I.T.) in China.

The 'Changshu Six' as we've taken to calling them, comprise Sebrina, Sun, Li, Lisa, Tina and Xenia (all 21).

They've been working really hard on their University work and in only a short time have produced some excellent work.  They've certainly thrown themselves wholeheartedly into British university life and have had a great time.

We've really enjoyed teaching them but sadly they'll be leaving us just before Christmas. To wish them 'bon-voyage' we thought it would be good to let them experience a full Christmas lunch for the very first time...

Just before 'kick-off'. Plates fully loaded with sprouts, turkey, potatoes (boiled and roast), parsnip, carrots, stuffing, piggies in blankets etc.

 Lisa photographing the fine western cuisine for the folks back home.

 Tina and Sun quickly get to grips with the Christmas cracker. Li doesn't look so sure..

 Two wise men.

 A victorious Sun is the first to polish off her 'mains'. One nil to C.I.T.

Charismatic illustration lecturer Dwayne Bell (33) 'throws down the gauntlet' with round two - christmas pudding...

...but Sun's more than a mach for him. Two nil to Changshu!

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