Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Year 0's invade Maryport:
save bird, draw, eat, leave.

As part of a 12 week 'Visual Literacy' module, year zeros (but heroes) recently took a day trip to sunny Maryport to do some drawing and generally take in the sights and atmosphere of the historic coastal town.

When we visited, Maryport was COLD (about -45 by our reckoning) and it colder still when we got down to the harbour.

As well as drawing, some of the students done a little bit of animal rescuing. Alex (21. She talks to the animals) can be seen here with some kind of small bird that she rescued from a train station bin after it walloped it's head off a pane of glass and landed amongst the litter (Granted, it only hit the glass because the students were acting as if they'd never seen a chaffinch in all their puff and it was trying to get away from their flapping arms and booming voices). She bore it's weight for 30 minutes or so before it buggered off without so much as a thanks.
Note Tebitha's (21) look of abject disgust and 'along for the ride' 2nd yr Katie's (21) look of "I'm not in the slightest bit bothered by all this bloody fuss".

When in a coastal town you are duty bound to hunt out a chippy. FACT!

Happiness is deep-fat fried in batter with curry sauce. Apparently.

After grub, drawing...

"The view's quite good but not as good as this text from my Mum", says Oli (21) whilst Alex (21, still) implements her renowned 'sneaking into the side of a photo whilst looking innocent' move.

Thanks Maryport, you were great. We'll be back next year. With hats. And gloves. And massive thick coats.

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