Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Year One, Fourth Project

I know, I know, Grillust Blog posts are a little like buses, nothing for days and then suddenly they all come along together.

Here's the project that immediately followed animation, two weeks devoted to drawing.

We believe that all our students should be confident image makers. That could be illustrators producing convincing, complex artwork or graphic designers producing a quick, plausable sketch for a sheet of packaging visuals.

Underpinning any ability to draw has to be a thorough understanding of what the artist/designer is actually seeing.

Perspective, in particular, helps explain what we see in that wonderfully complicated three dimensional world that surrounds us...

Here's a survey of some of the work they produced:

Emma Wrigley (21) with some thumbnail sketches for illustrations.

Sarah Nevison (21) exploring a variety of materials

Xenia Yu (21) explores advanced spiral staircase construction  and exhibition design (amongst other things)

Harriet Easterbrook (21) demonstrates how to create a room from a gridded floor plan and a certain obsession with cylindrical objects.

Finally, Xiaoping Sun (21) applies her understanding of the principles of perspective to the 'real' world.

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