Wednesday, 20 April 2016

First Years, Eleventh Project - Typographic Posters

Our first year students have just spent a challenging and fruitful two weeks working alongside our 'national treasure', H.R.H The Typographer Royal, Dame Rhiannon Robinson OBT*.

As you probably know, Dame Rhiannon is a demanding taskmistress with a ruthless, critical eye that can spot the slightest typographic imperfection at more than twenty paces. 

Luckily for our novice students she took them through the fundamentals of good typography through a series of lectures and on-screen tutorial sessions.

This is but the start of a very long journey, but even after such a short time the students can all spot loose tracking, unfortunate apostrophes, orphans, widows and line lengths that are too long or too short.

The project was deceptively simple. Take some information about a typeface like this:

...and turn it into a beautiful piece of design like this:

Miss Sian Whitfield (21)

Like all our two week projects we put great emphasis on the journey (the ideas development work) not just the destination (the final poster).

Here's an example of what can be achieved during two weeks (again courtesy Miss Sian Whitfield):

So, without further ado, let's look at a range of development work alongside some final pieces.

Miss Rebecca Bodimeade-Graham (21)

Miss Lüdia Stahlschmidt (21)

Miss Sian Whitfield [again] (21)

Miss Lüdia Stahlschmidt [again] (21)

*Order of Blooming Good Typography

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