Friday, 29 April 2016

Jake Parker

Jake Parker is an American illustrator who has worked in a broad variety of areas - video games, animation, comics, books, film and more.
He's also the originator of the inktober movement that comes around once a year (can you guess when?)

Jake's work is primarily in the fantasy / comic book genre but the scope of his philosophy and teaching goes much further.

The most impressive thing about Jake (beside his prolific output) is his attitude toward illustration, drawing and sharing his experiences and learning. He posts a multitude of videos on Youtube that are jam packed with great, hard-won insight, offering a fantastic helping hand to anyone interested in illustration - no matter what area they want to get into. It doesn't matter if you want to be just like Jake or if you want to get busy with a completely different thing; the insight is still priceless.

Here's a couple of Jake's videos that we enjoyed and there's plenty more here

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