Wednesday, 13 April 2016

You say Aluminum. We say Aluminium.

(And of course, we're right)

As you'll have already read below, Prof. Andrew Byrom, worldwide premier constructed typography designer, is currently in residence with us here at The University of Cumbria.

This week Andrew has mostly been cutting and sharpening Aluminium (note the second 'i') and ringing Health & Safety alarm bells. To find out why you'll have to stay tuned here, or come to Prof. Byrom's forthcoming exhibition which will be held in our excellent Vallum Gallery in a few weeks time.

Professor Byrom: "Look, designers hands!", Tony 'Mr. Tony' Peart: "No Andrew, they're builders hands."

Professor Byrom Fast Fact #1.
Since returning to Cumbria, Andrew now wants to be a proper Grillust operative when he grows up. Or a train driver.


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