Friday, 22 April 2016

Size Does Matter!

Third year illustrator, Samm Barnes (21), has been doing some large scale cutting out. And, when you're slicing up the big stuff an A2 cutting mat just doesn't, well, cut it! Samm was resourceful enough to track down an outsize, A0 cutting mat, presumably a sales prop, but then, where's the 4 x larger than life scalpel?

Grillust™Senior Managers, Tony Peart (33) and David Robert (33) were clearly excited by this giant mat and raced about the studio like a pair of over stimulated baboons before being coaxed down from their 'play nest' in the ceiling joists.  

Rumpus time over and suitably calm, Tony (right) finds he is keen to field an expedition to look for previously undiscovered tribal groups, plant based miracle cures, un-extinct dinosaurs or lost artworks by Christopher Voysey. Meanwhile, David (left) 'marks-out' for a game of Subutteo.

Subutteo Leeds United hotshot Billy Bremner (above) remains, as usual, tight lipped! Probably because he's made of plastic.


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