Friday, 26 October 2012

a Great British obsession

Here at Grillust HQ, we’re all for a bit of obsession. Between us, Grillust operatives are proud of many obsessions including bike tyres, quality stitching, photographs of abandoned bags of cement, classic pottery, dogs outside shops and fantasy band names.
When year one student, Aimee Stewart, told us she would like to use her Dad’s ‘Model Train shed’ as a location for a recent location based project, our obsession radars went on overdrive and we were more than happy to go along with Aimee’s plan. We had no way of knowing the wonderful levels of obsession and commitment we were about to be confronted with. But I don’t need to try and explain or describe, no, because Aimee’s Dad has a youtube channel, so you can all enjoy.
Good work that man!
Here’s a couple of our choice picks


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