Tuesday, 9 October 2012

First Years, First Project

Our intrepid new Year 1 students have just finished their very first project. They were given two weeks to produce an ISSUU publication that captured the spirit of a chosen location.

Sounds an easy enough task, doesn't it? Well, it's not!

The point we wanted to get across right from the start is that engaging design and illustration are all about having personal thoughts and opinions about your subject matter and then clearly identifying what you want to say about it.

This is probably the most difficult aspect of design that any student has to face as it requires both bravery and confidence.

Did they rise to the challenge? Hell, yes!

Have a look for yourself below...

Kate Patterson, Reece Crowder & Abigail Pearson (all 21) take an anthropological approach to a local bus stop  

Bethany Mincher & Josie Howker (both 21) go for a lark in the park in the dark

Lucy Hadley & Kate Budniak (both 21) spent time at Carlisle railway station  

Connor Palamino & Kianna Poskitt (strangely enough, also both 21) attended an open mic night at one of Carlisle's many fashionable cafe-bars 

Sophia Linley (21) also went to the park (but didn't do anything that rhymed) 

Cameron Holland, Jessica Heaps & Abigail Johnston (21, 21 and 21) spent time in Carlisle's largest secondhand bookshop

Sophie Driffield (21) and Jenny Read (also, also 21) have been hanging around in a back alley...

This is just a small selection. You can see many more goodies here.


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