Monday, 22 October 2012

Grillust™ Blog Post Reprinted in Local* Newspaper Shock!!!

The Grillust team like to feature interesting and amusing posts in the hope of keeping you, our beloved followers (117) entertained and informed. We were also aware that we have a high profile in the world of internet search engines (77,200 page views and counting) but believed our existence was unknown to the 'real' world of normal people (not that we're saying you're not normal...)

This illusion was dramatically shattered on Monday 17 September when this Blog article was reprinted by our local* newspaper The Evening News and Star (see photos below). They also ran it here on their website, but unlike us, didn't embed a weblink to the Grillust Blog.

How did we feel? Confused, elated, soiled, proud? Well, as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery and although no permission was sought, we were still 'over the moon'. In fact, we'd like like to make a suggestion to the The News and Star: why not feature this blog post about you featuring a previous blog post of ours in a forthcoming edition of your newspaper?

We could then re-blog that article (and so on Ad infinitum) thereby creating the world's first never-ending digital/analogue media feedback loop that, in theory, could have the potential to rip the space-time continuum apart. 

Come on News & Star, that's got to be worth a go hasn't it?

* small circulation figures


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