Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Great Website for the Retro Curious with a Head for Heights

Ever wondered what your hometown looked like in the past, but from above? We know we have...

Now a fantastic website has come along that can satisfy our yearnings for a precipitous perspective on our past.
Britain From Above contains over 16,000 images of 'Britain from above' taken between 1925 and 1953 (the year black and white aerial photography was finally banned).
Carlisle (home to the Grillust™empire) is well represented in a series of photographs taken in 1925 from the passenger seat of Virgin Airlines' very first aircraft; an ex-W.W.1 Vickers Vimy (with one careful owner).

Way back then, we worked out of a mill building in the city centre and used a slightly different logo (see the photo of our eye-catching roof stencil above) but the staff (pictured below in 1925) have hardly changed at all in the intervening years.


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