Wednesday, 12 December 2012

First Years, Fifth Project

'You have to understand it before you can design for it' is something we say a lot around these parts. That's because design is all about considering what you want to communicate to your audience and if you don't understand your subject, you won't have much to say about it!

With this in mind we asked the first year students to produce a digital instruction booklet that explained how something worked.

The 'somethings' chosen were mostly things that the Grillust™ team themselves don't understand. We are continuously looking to learn new things and thought in this instance the 'young pups' (students), could teach the 'old dogs' (tutors), new tricks.

Examples of things we don't understand include: magnets; glass; radio; the popularity of Chris Moyles and why people listen to the music of Coldplay.

Have a look at the following, you could learn something. You know what? Look & Learn... ...that's probably a very good name for an educational children's comic...

Sophia, Beth and Anna explain the Winchester Rifle:

 Ben and Abi show you how to ride a bicycle:

 Sophie and Matthew show you how to fly:

 Julia and Mitch explain the workings of a Fridge Freezer

 Adam and Jessica explain Vinyl Records

 Calum and Christie show you what Sonar does... ping... ping...

Derrian and Cameron explain how radios work:

Aimee and Lewis show you what a guitar amplifier does:

Elinor and Nicola demystify how bronze sculptures are made:

Jess and Alex show you how Thomas the Tank Engine moves:

Jess and Edwin explain how Tape Recorders work:

  Sophie and Sam are now experts on how analogue TV worked:

  Lucy and Jhon know why iron ships float:

Adam and Shanelle with some rocket science:

  Jake and Amy explain the technicalities of Hydro-Electricity:

  Natalie and Nathan show you how sailors navigated:

Kate and Eilidh explain how Sat-Navs work:

Connor and Lottie build a Skyscraper: 

  Catherine and Sam explain the Telephone:

  Kate and Shona know what happens to your luggage at airports:

  Thomas and Josie understand Glass:

  Aimee and Abi know how to smelt iron:

  Andrew and Liam explain Electro Magnets:

 Amy and Jenny explain how bike gears work: 

  Terri and Alice look inside the top secret world of the ATM:


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