Tuesday, 18 December 2012

First Years, Sixth Project...

...was all about drawing. Actually, that's not strictly true; it was really designed to show the students that drawing has more to do with fully understanding what you're looking at than simply trying to copy 'blindly' the image in front of you.

This was a very important project for the illustrators as it addressed crucial foundation skills which, once learned, can be developed and personalised.

In the wider world of educating student illustrators, there is a fairly large elephant in the room... ...many never learn to draw and are therefore severely limited in what they can do.

We tackle this problem head-on, in our usual no-nonsense fashion by challenging the students to take on two of the most difficult subjects that underpin quality drawing: perspective and the human form.

Over two weeks many lectures and demos on perspective and life-drawing are given and the students produce piles of work in a project we modestly call 'How to Draw Anything'.

Even the Graphic Designers have to get involved as perspective looms large in the world of packaging and exhibition design.

Now, on with the show...

First up, Miss Sophie Driffield (21) with a fantastic body of work that exudes commitment, quantity and quality. We don't know yet, if Sophie is an Illustrator or a highly visual Graphic Designer or, she could simply be a Renaissance Woman!


We now come to the work of budding (and talented) illustration student Miss Kianna Poskitt (21). Kianna's drawings are excellent examples of our belief that drawings can (and usually should) show real understanding.

Mr Reece Crowder (21) is a Graphic Design student and shows an excellent and colourful grasp of various forms of perspective.


Finally here's Mr Calum McGhee (21) yet another of our very talented illustration students...

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