Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's Christmas Time (there's every reason to be afraid).

Only two days to go before the Christmas 'hols' and things are getting VERY festive round here.

In keeping with the spirit of the age (austerity) the students have been 'making do and mending' their own decorations and festive treats.

Here's a lovely Christmas tableaux anyone could re-create at home .

All you need for this one is coloured paperclips (for the chain 'paperchain') and two students who don't move much (for the tree). In our case we used Mr
Matt Boak (21) and Mr Jasper Van Looveren-Baines (also 21). 

The finishing touches were achieved by adding a star (to Jasper) and two gaudy baubles to Matt (see details below).

Further along the balcony we come to Novocastrian Mr
Mark Collins (21).

Mark has created a low cost alternative to that festive favourite, the chocolate advent calender.

To create this perennial treat you'll need to keep last year's calender packaging (like Mark did). The 'chocolates' are cunningly made from a cocoa/mud mix and are surprisingly edible. Remember to stick down the doors to achieve a professional finish.

Lastly, we showcase a decorative tip provided by Lithuanian student
Ieva Bureikaite (21).

As you probably know, the national tree of Lithuania is the bonsai. At this time of year all Lithuanians bring a bonsai tree indoors and decorate it. In Ieva's case a spherical Christmas bauble was used to create a magical transformation.

Happy Christmas everyone and have a good 2013!


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