Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Fame and its Consequences (Well done Sir Brad)

The team here at Grillust™ H.Q. would like to congratulate Sir Bradley Wiggins on his well-deserved victory in last Sunday's BBC Sports Personality of the Year contest.

The 'dandy highwayman' of cycle racing looked resplendent in blue velvet 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' jacket, 'winkle picker' suede boots and backcombed, 'Rod the Mod' (Stewart) hairdo.

Eagle eyed viewers were shocked to spot that Sir Wiggo's trademark sideburns did not attend this prestigious event (see photo above).


Had Brad fallen out of love with his fuzzy facial adornments?

No, not at all! Let us explain...

At this point we must confess that Sir Brad having to appear 'naked' in public was inadvertently caused by our own thoughtlessness and for that we must unreservedly apologise. So we'd like to say...

We're really, really sorry Brad.

If you remember, back in September we published a post celebrating Sir Bradley's 'burns and revealed that they were exclusively supplied by Carlisle based cornucopia of all things 'crafty', Fun2Do.

This 'exclusive' was picked up by our *local newspaper, The Evening News and Star who blabbed about it here. National and international syndication followed and the world quickly learned where Bradley's sideburns could be obtained.

Fun2Do yesterday

At the time, we couldn't envisage how iconic and desirable the Wiggins' sideburns would become as a 'must have' fashion accesory and the adoption of them by H.R.H. The Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton) created a frenzy of demand that even Fun2Do couldn't satisfy.

At the height of the 'Bradley 'burns' craze Fun2Do were shifting 100 units per hour with a queue of customers stretching across Carlisle (see below).

Scotch Street, just down from Fun2Do (200m and counting...)

Hardwicke Circus (900m and counting...)

The end in sight!  Sheepmount athletics stadium (1.7km)

Sadly, it couldn't go on...

On December 10 the last pair of Aeroplush™sideburns were sold to a delighted Haribo Smith (8) of Cleator Moor, Cumbria. Unfortunately this left Sir Wiggo sans 'burns for his 'big night'.

In the circumstances Bradley behaved like a true professional, not letting what must have been a huge disappointment 'phase him' and carried on as if nothing had happened.

On checking the Fun2Do website (see grab below) it looks like 'normal service will be resumed' well in time for the Paris–Roubaix (phew)!

*small circulation figures


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