Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Graphic Design on the Go-go!

Year 3, Graphic Design student Steph Stilwell (21) was recently featured in Cumbria’s very own quality broadsheet newspaper, The Cumberland News (see photo below):

The article celebrated Steph (21) being judged the worthy winner of a ‘live brief’ to design an identity for a new, mobile Pad Thai, stir-fry business run by local entrepreneurs Alan and May Bell (both 33).

It is not clear yet if Steph (21) will be involved in Alan’s next venture into ‘cyber’ street food, something he calls ‘iPad Thai’ - far-eastern delicacies served on mobile devices.

Steph (21) has featured on the Blog before and is well overdue a fast-facts feature; a situation we will rectify with immediate effect:

Ms. Stephanie Stilwell (21) - A Fast Facts Feature

Fast Fact 1.
Steph (21) hails from England’s smallest county, Rutland (pop. 37,600) and is Rutland’s fouth most famous export after: No.1 - Rutland Water (sparkling or still), No. 2 - Rutland Weekend Television and No 3. The Rutles

Fast Fact 2.
Steph (21) came to study with us because she suffers from Topographobia - an allergy to the flat, wide-open landscape of her native county. She now finds inspiration, comfort and solace in the dramatic, mountainous vistas of Cumbria. Incidentally, since moving up to Cumbria, Steph (21) grown a good 18" taller simply because of the constant exposure to a proper three-dimensional environment.

Fast Fact 3.
Steph (21) has an ambition to become the world’s first, specialist designer of identities for van-based businesses. To date she has created fantastic work for the following:

Veals on Wheels (
unethical gourmet burgers)
We Deliver Liver (butcher)
Duck Tuck (Fowl based snack food)
Pitta Express (delicious Mediterranean flat breads)
Door to Door (Front Door delivery and installation service)
Hasty Pastry (Choux, Phyllo, Puff etc. - for all your emergency baking needs)
Pronto Pint (a vast range of quick beers) 

The PanVanMan - (kitchenware, cutlery and doily essentials)

Fast Fact 4.
In October 2013, Steph (21) will become Steph (22), but in July she'll officially be Steph (33)!

Fast Fact 5. 
Despite her foray into snack van territory, Steph (currently 21) is so posh she spurns Cup-a-Soup.

You can see more of her winning 'mobile' work below, but please note, Steph (21) is a woman of many talents and also has a wide range of 'stationary' designs on her website here.


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