Friday, 22 February 2013

That difficult second album


Yes! Ever since Grillust™ released the seminal Upperby Road, dedicated fans worldwide have been crying out for a follow-up release.

Now everyone 'in the business' knows that the second album can be difficult, but Grillust™ aficionados will not be surprised that, not only are we up to the game, but we've raised the bar with a concept album that positions us firmly amongst British rock legends like Supertramp and Racey
Inspired by our ongoing 'band names' feature, we proudly present a 12" vinyl tribute to their potential. Over 60 minutes of absolute silence with no reference to John Cage's 4' 33"of the stuff. The lightweight!
Now That's What I Call Grillust™ ©AppleCrumble Records 2013
Pop this long player on your turntable and hum along to what might be a classic album if any of the bands actually come to fruition.

The MP3 download will be available in time for Christmas.


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