Sunday, 24 February 2013

The shadow that looks quite like Tony Iommi (from off of/out of Black Sabbath)

When charismatic photography lecturer (and Frankie Stubbs out of Leatherface looky-likey) Dr John Darwell (33) told us he had photographed a shadow on his living room wall that looked suspiciously like Black Sabbath’s demonic axe wielder, Tony Iommi, our curiosity was understandably piqued.
Dr John, duly supplied us with his snap (below) which I’m sure you’ll agree it does indeed look like the iconic metal guitarist.

It’s strange that a vision from the universe of Heavy Metal should reveal itself to a man so immersed in the alternate musical dimension of Hardcore Punk Rock. In fact John lives his life according to the gospel of Hardcore; starting each day with a filling bowl of Fugazi topped with a few Husker Du’s (he says it stops him getting Bad Brains) and ceremonially hoisting a Black Flag above his house, before setting off to work.

We should also add that phantasmagorical apparitions are nothing new to the Grillust™ team.
You may remember the ink stain, in the shape of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons (pictured below) that we featured some time ago.

Grillust™ operative Tony Peart (33) also tells us that he regularly sees the face of Jesus Christ in QR Codes! See the picture below.


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