Monday, 4 March 2013

Year One - Title Sequences

As promised in an earlier blog post, here are a selection of the title sequences the students produced in response to programme descriptions taken from Charlie Brooker's excellent TV Go Home website.
The students were taught the basics of Adobe After Effects and were then given only two weeks to complete the finished sequence.
Considering the tight time-frame, the results were very impressive:

Aimee Stewart & Matthew Gordon (both 21) - Skyclimber 2000

'Action series starring Lee Majors as Aspen Detective John Kable, who patrols the alpine skies in an experimental police cable car, slowly fighting crime on symmetrically opposed mountains...'

Terri-Leigh Jones (21) - Disraeli Nights

'Erotic drama starring David Seaman as Tory politician Benjamin Disraeli. Exhausted following the 1875 Artisans Dwelling Act, Disraeli retires to Downing Street for a well-earned rest... but his slumber is soon disturbed by a visit from an inquisitive 17 year-old named Emily Pankhurst. Contains improper language, ankles, full-frontal nudity, sideburn clutching and goal kicks.'

Shanelle Bateman (21) & Adam Peel (21) - Morten Harket's Polygonal Rituals

'Deeply unconventional new series in which the gap-toothed A-ha frontman attempts to promote the use of geometric shapes by performing inexplicable ceremonial acts...'

Reece Crowder & Aimee Cameron (21 X 2) - Waterman's Nest

'Occasional series in which Dennis Waterman, dressed as a blackbird, attempts to build a nest in a gigantic concrete tree, while Hywell Bennett clings to his back offering nothing but relentless criticism..'

Eilidh McKenzie & Sam Douglas (2 X (10+10+1)=?) - Held in Perpetuity

'Hard-hitting expose of the modern phone system starring Daid Schwimmer. One day "Five" falls through his phone receiver and discovers the innocent millions who are daily trapped on "hold" wandering around like ghosts.'

Kianna Poskitt (22-1=?) - Garcia

'Vintage 1960s crime series in which unconventional hippy detective Jim Garcia solves crimes with the aid of the consciousness-expanding drug LSD...'

Tom Kiernah & Josie Howker (both XXI) - Widdleplop III: Destination Mars

'Wearying of his continual ordure-orientated misfortune on Earth, cattle farmer Harold Walsh constructs a rocket ship, fills it with livestock and blasts off into space in an a bid to establish a new farm on Mars...'

Edwin Burrow & Kate Patterson (both 21) - Aquatextile Savegoose Challenge

'Mystifying gameshow in which contestants don blindfolds and gloves in an attempt to identify a patch of fabric glued to the base of a swimming pool without the use of eyes or fingers, before time runs out and a goose has its head pulled off by a specially-built clockwork machine in front of a party of confused and frightened German schoolchildren.'

Julia Ivanszky (21) & Jessica Julien (ditto) - Centrifuge Bay

'Australian soap made entirely on a set housed within a gigantic centrifuge and shot with cameras bolted to the rotating floor, thereby creating an eerie effect in which the furniture and cast slowly slide away from the centre of the room and wind up hopelessly pinned against the walls at the end of each episode.'


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