Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Year 1 Hardcore Typography (Part 2) - The Results

The plucky Year 1 students have just spent a further two weeks 'under the wing' of H.R.H. The Typographer Royal, our very own Rhiannon Robinson (33).

Part two was fiendishly difficult. The students were presented with a page of continuous text (riddled with deliberate spelling and punctuation mistakes) and asked to transform it into a two page, introductory chapter opening.

Using detective work and cunning they had to work out what was what (e.g. heading / running head / quotation / credit to quotation / introductory paragraph / body copy / relevant sub-headings for different paragraphs in body copy etc) and orchestrate the typographic chaos into beautiful and readable designs.

As always, the design was worked out on paper before the Macs were used to create the final piece.

Great typography usually looks effortless but please believe us, it isn't. The truth is, the better it looks the more blood, sweat, tears, technical skill and knowledge went into it.

They all learned a huge amount and if a picture is worth 1000 words then here are what seem like 1000 pictures...

Early days... Young Kimberley Gardiner (21) signifies approval in the traditional fashion while, in the background, Sam Rimmer (21) doesn't look so happy.

Lewis Gray (21) takes his designs on paper into the digital realm.

H.R.H. Rhiannon Robinson (33) grants Cameron Holland (21) a royal audience.



Above, is an example of the 'naked' text we gave to the students. Now marvel in wonder and admiration when you see what it became in their hands...
Adam Peel (21)

Aimee Stewart (21)

Aimee Stewart (still 21)

Cameron Holland (21)

Connor Palamino (21)

Derrian Bradder (21)


Josie Howker (21)

Kate Patterson (21)

Reece Crowder (21)


Josie Howker (21)

Tom Kiernan (21)

Jessica Julien (21)


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