Thursday, 7 March 2013

Grillust - now with added width

The Grillust blog has always been good. Indeed at times it verges on the sublime. Where else can you find soup reviews, scale model passenger planes made from Papier-mâché, pictures of tall hair, scathing reviews and truth bombs? We do 'em all.
But lately we came to a sudden and terrifying realisation. The Grillust blog just wasn't wide enough. Gasp, weep, swoon!!! Fear not dear reader (singular). With characteristic 'will do' attitude the Grillust boffins have, after countless hours of calculation, experimentation and deliberation, been able to add a mammoth 180 pixels to the width of posts. So don't be afraid of the sheer magnitude of imagery from here on in, do not recoil under the utterly overwhelming amount of picture bearing down upon you - be brave and embrace these shocking changes (which we can, kinda' verify as being more or less safe). Together we step into a slightly widescreen, XL, cinemascope type of new world (blog).

Here's what it means in practical terms...

Old Grillust. Limited to 'normal' sausages.

New Grillust. Jumbo sausage enabled!


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