Friday, 22 March 2013

Wheels are for Wimps!

Here's a dramatic photo of H.R.H.T.T.R. (Her Royal Highness The Typographer Royal) Rhiannon Robinson (33) 'wo'manhandling a very, very, very heavy box full of Year 3 competition entries bound for this year's prestigious ISTD Awards, while the rest of the Grillust™ team just stood idly by and watched.

Now you're probably thinking ISTD - isn't that one of those things you can 'catch' off a toilet seat or 'get' by indulging in joyful sexual congress while not wearing a Full Immersion Floatation Suit?

No!.. You're thinking of sexually transmitted diseases... ...we're talking about the International Society of Typographic Designers.

We always do well in this annual competition - designed to promote and uphold typographic standards. We'll let you know how we got on at a later date but, in the meantime, it's 'fingers crossed' and 'good luck' to all our students who entered.


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