Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Words by the Water – The Full Bleed Issue

3rd year graphic designers Dave Wharton and Josh Elliff (both 21) have recently collaborated with BA(Hons) Journalism students on the design and production of the 2013 Words by the Water publication for the Keswick Literary Festival. And damn fine it looks too!

Unfortunately, Josh decided to go on a ‘fact-finding mission’ to the flesh pots of Amsterdam mid-production, leaving Dave to pick-up the slack. And therein lies the heart of our story today. For, it seems that Dave has been kipping through his print lectures and therefore was unfamiliar with some of the terminology, specifically the bit about ‘full-bleed’. 
Scalpel in hand the dutiful Daltonian, Dave (aka Stumpy), proceeded to ‘have at’ his finger in some sort of ritual self-mutilation rite of passage. Hari-kari lite, so to speak.
In the spirit of entertainment, we obviously applaud such misguided dedication to the craft, however, we did do a quick recap on bleed, slug and trap on the way to A&E.

Readers will be pleased to note that it only took a sticky plaster and a spot of 'magic cream' to repair Dave's digit and he was back in action later in the afternoon.


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