Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The End of Civilisation as We Know It - GRILLUST™ Cautiously Embraces Facebook

Here's remarkable photographic proof that those champions of all things 'old school' the Grillust™ team have finally bowed to the inevitable and expanded their empire to include the world of Facebook (a well known, social networking site).

The photo shows nominated Grillust™ operative Tony Peart (33) responding to a friend request from Bolivian pole dancer (and part-time coal miner) Ramón Alfredo Sánchez. Tony was also delighted to make friends with 1970's retail giants, Brentford Nylons shortly afterwards. "We could have seconds of fun with this" quipped the charismatic, thirty-something lecturer. His colleague Jim Millington (33) added "Hang on! Why aren't you describing me as 'charismatic'?"

Altogether, a remarkable turn of events for a group of throwbacks whose only previous opinion of Facebook is best represented by the following clip:


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