Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Year One - Latest Project

In the penultimate project of the academic year the first year students were tasked with both naming and creating a graphic identity for a range of unusual (yet strangely desirable) products and/or services that included:

Gluten-free food for Satanists
Roller skates for dogs
Wind-up television
Steam-powered ‘marital aid’
A horizontal, slow, roller-coaster
Robotic Barber/Hairdresser
A fun dissection game for the under fives
Fortune telling eggs
External hard drive that doubles as a toaster
A tuba that folds to the size of a briefcase

Language is a hugely important communication tool and this project was all about exploring its potential. A few, well chosen words can transport the reader on a voyage of delight, tapping into a rich vein of imagination and personal experience. On the other hand, unimaginative or awkward language quickly alienates and poor grama nd speling make U lk a rank amature (do you see what i did there)?

Let's have a look at what they got up to...

Shona Dixon and Amy Cusimano (both 21) produced an exemplary and substantial collection of worksheets in only three days.

Brainstorming in action - a detail of Shona and Amy's worksheets

Early design ideas from Julia Ivansky (21) and Natalie Faunch (21)
The final identity for a steam-powered 'marital' aid from Ivansky/Faunch (21)

Roller skates for dogs - another design from Ivansky/Faunch (21)

Non-alcoholic Absinthe also by Ivansky/Faunch (21)

Gluten-free food for Satanists also, also by Ivansky/Faunch (21)

Adam Peel and Lewis Gray (21) bring you a Robotic Barber

Also from the dynamic duo of Peel/Gray (both 21) is this identity for a ‘shoot ’em up’ computer game based in the world of soft furnishings

The Peel/Gray take on Gluten-free food for Satanists (they're both 21 by the way...)

It's a bit since we've featured any of Sophie Driffield's (21) detailed and thorough worksheets so lets rectify that now...

These are for an indoor cloud making machine

Evolving towards the final design...

Here's the final design

Finally, here's Sophie's design for a dating site for people who find Morris Dancers attractive


  1. I like the way you brainstorm your ideas :)

  2. One of the logos look kinda of similar!