Monday, 4 March 2013


3rd Year Illustration student, Jade Wall, recently collaborated with our good friends at C-Art and Tullie House to produce evocative publicity material for an evening of illustrated talks with seven of the artists featuring in the C-Art exhibition. The real trick was to feature the work of seven very different visual artists without giving prominence to any one of them - after all, it would only end in tears!

All design, print and finishing was organised and overseen by Jade who also used her own photographs as backdrops for posters and postcards. She also had the presence of mind to 'requisition' first and second year students to do the folding.

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  1. I really like the overall design of this as well as the typography! I just love all of the different folds it has, it makes the piece very unique which I find cool but you were also able to still have a lot of information on the piece which is nice. I really enjoyed reading and looking at this and it gave me some idea that I may use in the future for graphic design.