Friday, 22 February 2013

Specific Gravity and the Fez

This week 2nd Year graphic design students have teamed up with their BA Photography counterparts to begin the design and production of photographic books.

Grillust™ operative, Jim (33), was almost sick with excitement when he heard that Dr John would be attending the briefing. Imagine his disappointment when he found out it was only our own Dr John Darwell (33), merely a photography lecturer and not an international jazz/blues personality.

A thorough project briefing requires the use of a Fez. You heard it here first.
Normally we'd pair up students using the internationally understood 'playground football team selection rules', but as we had a Fez we opted for the preferred alternative. The well-drilled graphics students had no difficulty in arranging themselves by height as required by the rules but, again, the photographers made a right hash of lining up in alphabetical order despite their firm assertion that "we can do this!".

Dr John (being an academic Dr) whipped out his slide rule and worked out that this is because the photography students are a lighter specific gravity than graphics students – one graphics student is equal to 1.95 photography students. Paradoxically, they are not as dense as graphic design students on an atomic level, allowing both common sense and alphabetical prowess to leak out all over the place.

Dr John Darwell (right) is congratulated on his discovery of the student specific gravity factor (SSG)
A quick game of British Bulldogs soon had the students divided into the exact ratio 1 to 1.95,  and they quickly set about sizing each other up for the task ahead.


Watch this space for the results.


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