Monday, 4 February 2013

Year 1 Hardcore Typography - The Results

You'll remember that the first years have been working alongside our very own Rhiannon (H.R.H. The Typographer Royal) Robinson (33) and as promised earlier, here are some of the results of two weeks of highly intensive, typographic training.

The Brief was split into two parts...

Part One: Play with the visual possibilities of two contrasting typefaces and create a range of images made from type.

Part Two: Produce two promotional A3 posters to promote the typefaces. One in black and white, the other in colour, each using one of the type images created in Part 1.

Adam Reid (21)


Jessica Julien (21)


Lewis Gray (21)

Derrian Bradder (21)


Reece Crowder (21)


Reece Crowder (21)


Lucy Hadley (21)


Lewis Gray (21)


Jake Clarke (21)


Jake Clarke (21)

Aimee Stewart (21)


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