Monday, 4 February 2013

The Life Room (Episode 2)

In last week's gripping episode we experienced the tension, jockeying for position and psychological mind games that underpin any life drawing class.

This week things got dirty...

The evil Lady Sophie: who lives at the Manor House; drives a Range Rover and is obsessed with Moben kitchens (pictured below)...

...discovered that Lottie had a skeleton in her cupboard...

... and threatening to expose Lottie's secret to the Police, forced the unfortunate illustrator into slavery in the depths of the family charcoal mine (pictured below).

Meanwhile: undercover, special operations agent Edwin, noticing the state of Lottie's hands (and face), commenced some investigations of his own (pictured below).

Elsewhere, budding expressionist Callum accidentally clashed elbows with Lucy (photo below). Lucy doesn't "stand for any nonsense" and was vexed by this invasion of her personal space. So vexed in fact that she engaged a hit-man (Ross Kemp) to 'fix' Callum.

Lucy's asked Ross to make it "look like an accident" by simply toppling an easel over onto the enthusiastic student. However, Ross decided he knew better and went after Calum with a sword (pictured below)!

This outrageous attack, in public (and naked as the day he was born) could hardly pass unnoticed and indeed, most observers could produce witness drawings of what they had seen....

.... except for Graphic design student Christie who now finds it difficult to sleep, haunted as she is by this image of a confused-looking, rampaging Ross Kemp.

Next Week: The curse of the Quink Ink!


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