Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Be Very Afraid!!! - Introducing Our New Students...

They've been here for two week now and we haven't even introduced them to you! 


Well, what are they like I hear you ask (not really)?

In short, they're lovely, talkative, funny and all very different.

Here are some pictures we took on day two of the course. A day we rather ominously call 'Fun in the Studio' on the timetable. 

Actually, it really is fun. 

Using tried and trusted Grillust methods we soon have them feeling at home, getting to know one another and making new friends.

Pictured below are some of the 'advanced' ice-breaking techniques that we employ.

Step 1: The Debate (argue the following topic with a complete stranger - 'Is Kendal Mint Cake really 'cake')?

Step 2: Studio Ball (hurl a tennis ball around the studio while loudly shouting the name of the intended recipient).

Step 3: Morris Ball (similar to Step 2 but don't hit Mr Morris. You wouldn't like Mr Morris when he's angry...)

Step 4: The Choir (let Gareth Malone form you into a community choir and teach you 'Songs from the Shows').

Step 5: Play 'Pass the Bomb' (a game where speed is of the essence).

Step 6: Play Line Up from North to South (find out if you're 'pie' or 'jellied eel').

 Step 7: Take part in the Grillust Pub* Quiz (no cheating though...)

 Step 8: Win the Grillust Pub* Quiz 

 Step 9: Be very circumspect when watching your dodgy DVD prizes!

*Only different from a pub in the fact that our studio isn't a pub, we don't have any alcohol, there are no decorative horse brasses over our fire, we don't actually have a fire for that matter, or flock wallpaper, or a darts board, or...


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