Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Year 3 Students Implicated in Shock Bullying Case!

Caught late one night, under cover of the studio gaslight, a group of mysterious figures are pictured (below) sliding printed material along a high-tension wire (no, don't even bother to ask).

What were they up to you might well ask? 

Exploring a new way of creatively displaying printed material? 

Well, yes, in a way I suppose they were, but much more shockingly they were also indulging in a spot of brazen 'analogue' bullying. 

As you will be well aware from recent cases in the news, the digital paper-trail left by the cyber bully has made them easy to track and expose. Consequently on-line bullying is virtually a thing of the past.

So has bullying ended for good?

Sadly, no. Bullies are resourceful, persistent scoundrels and have simply moved on to pastures new, embracing the rich possibilities of threat, ridicule and mental torture afforded by the 'analogue' world.

Recently,  the amount of hate mail delivered by The Royal Mail has exploded exponentially (some say it's the hate mail that is keeping them in profit), small children have been placing post-it notes with 'kick me' on the back of their classmates and Dymo Tape messages saying things like 'you stink' and 'big bum' seem to be on every lamp post.

It often seems that this kind of anti-social behaviour is only found in rough, inner-city neighbourhoods like Highgate, Jesmond, Alderley Edge and Chipping Norton so it's a real 'wake up' call when it actually happens on your doorstep.

So what were these Grillust bullies up to I hear you ask? 

Pretty much what they're always up to, making Year 3 student Lewis Gray's life a living hell, in this case via the medium of A4 colour copies.

Please see the examples below (since removed by the police as evidence) to see the full extent of their heinous activities...

 It might be fun for the bullies but every action has an equal and opposite reaction as can be clearly seen in this recent photograph of the 'victim'.

Victim, Lewis Gray (21) 'The horror, the horror...'

REWARD: If anyone has any information on what typeface the bullies used for the 'Get Hench' poster please let us know.

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  1. The bullying of the individual known as Lewis Gray shall continue, his sadness is our motivation.