Saturday, 4 October 2014

Open Day Attendees - Here's a Little Bit of The Introductory Animation You Didn't Get To See...

Ooh that rhymes!

Anyway, today The University of Cumbria held a very busy Open Day and we had the opportunity to meet lots of lovely people from all over the country.

We do hope you all enjoyed your visit, liked what you saw and had a safe journey home.

The open day was also used to unveil our brand new PowerPoint Promotional Presentation (blimey we're using alliteration now)!..

Sadly, although the presentation itself was finished, the highly elaborate introductory animation wasn't!

Happily I can reveal that it now is - complete with a very jaunty soundtrack and various comedic sound effects.

Anyway, here's a small sample (sans soundtrack) of what you missed.

The artwork is by charismatic illustration tutor Mr Dwayne Bell (33) who likes nothing better than hurtling down hills on a mountain bike and/or 'colouring in'.

For any interested parties, our next Open Day will be held on Saturday 1 November and you can book a place here.


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