Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Wicker Hut

Recently, the extensive rolling parkland that surrounds Grillust Towers was further enhanced by the sudden, overnight appearance of a gazebo like structure made from the finest wicker.

On first glance we assumed it was either:

1) A Hansel & Gretel Chalet for the Performing Arts students (who are currently doing 'Into the Woods' at the Stanwix Arts Theatre)

2) A rustic ice cream kiosk (it's been unseasonably warm lately)
3) An environmentally friendly new Tardis for Doctor Who (although we quickly discovered it's not any bigger on the inside - see below)

Mr. Tony & Mr. Jim (both 33) were the first to investigate the new structure...

No, it quickly transpired that what we were dealing with here was a picturesque all weather 'hut' for those who partake of the 'evil weed' (tobacco).

As all the Grillust™ team like to take their 'baccy' the man's way (through a pipe) we were out there like a shot (pictures below).

The Grillust™ team making the air heavy with the sweet scent of  'Pensioner's Mixture'

Sadly, a few minutes after the above photo was taken a slight drizzle came on, accompanied by a light breeze. It quickly became apparent that although wicker looks pretty, it is neither wind or rain resistant (that's why our predecessors applied the daub to their wattle).

We're also a little worried about its longevity as the grade of wicker used is a little on the flimsy side. It certainly wouldn't stand up to interrogation by any passing wolf, intent on wind testing the structural integrity of semi-permanent structures.

We'll keep you fully informed of its status over the coming weeks by installing a webcam and starting 'Hut Watch' on BBC2, hopefully to be presented by Kate Humble .

In the meantime, it has inspired us to make our first ever Grillust™ movie (see the poster below).


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