Monday, 20 October 2014

Langholm Man and Grillust's chief of Crayons Makes Good

Illustration lecturer and Grillust's token Scotsman, Dwayne Bell (33) recently had a piece of work selected for exhibition at this years Cheltenham Illustration Awards.

Here he is, awkwardly trying to look casual whilst standing next to his work on show at the awards opening held at The Wilson Gallery.

The theme for the 2014 submission was 'Being Human'. Luckily Dwayne spends his daily commute drawing the other passengers on the First Buses X95, meaning he had a catalogue of possible submissions. Ironically, he travelled to the show by train.

Dwayne is now on an extensive world tour to promote his inclusion in the show and was too busy to offer comment. He will be next seen on 'This Morning with Richard and Judy' or that's what he's been telling folk.

For further examples of Dwayne's bus drawings head to his blog


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