Friday, 17 February 2012

Andrew Byrom - If H is a Chair

We've not featured Andrew on the blog before which is remiss of us, especially when you consider that he grew up in Barrow-in-Furness (Cumbria) and went on to start his career in Art & Design at Cumbria Institute of the Arts (now The University of Cumbria), leaving us in 1993 to continue his studies in London.

Since then he's gone a long way - in his case quite literally! He's now a professor of Graphic Design at California State University at Long Beach.

Although 5,500 miles apart, Andrew's home town of Barrow and Long Beach share much in common. They are both positioned on a Westerly facing coast, they both enjoy a semi-tropical climate and also share a strong naval/shipbuilding heritage.

In these idyllic surroundings Andrew pursues his two great loves: inspiring young minds and pushing the boundaries of typeface design.

Here he is giving a recent Ted lecture:

Here is his website.

Here is a great idea for a business card.


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