Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Guardian
-Graphic Designers are ruining the web
John Naughton's a silly sausage

I recently came across this article whilst enjoying some good old upper-middle class liberalism on The Guardian's website. I nearly chocked on my feta stuffed olives and antipasti.
It seems that John Naughton, (columnist and professor of the public understanding of technology at the Open University, no less) pictured here with a stiff neck -

feels that Graphic Designers are ruining the web.
Good old John discusses why, in his opinion the progression from simple data provision to fully fledged media outlet is BAD and apparently the fault lies at the feet of graphic designers.
He mentions that between 2003 and 2011 average web page download sizes more than septupled and this is, again in his opinion, the fault of graphic designers; not client demands, not user demands, not even web designers but graphic designers. Of course, he fails to mention any growth in web provision speeds. No, that might make his argument seem, well, pointless.
Another claim made by John is that he prefers minimalist web pages. "Oh!", I thought, "so do I John, so do I". John had been good enough to include a link to one of his favourite minimalist sites, so I went for a gander and this is what I found.

Oh dear!
As one commenting reader has posted - Not minimalist, just bad.

So, if you want your heckles raised, good and proper, head over to John's article. Be sure to read the comments.
On the whole they are far more informed and entertaining.


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