Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What would you make with a 3D printer?

We're in the process of looking at 3D printers. Amongst lots of samples of diverse, complex and interestingly engineered objects, the tat-compass in Grillust™ operative Tony Peart's (33) head, was inextricably drawn to this testing example of the 3D designers art. A lovely novelty, er, something (we're not quite sure what it is).

Tony's verdit? "I haven't seen anything so utterly tasteless all week!"

To the unobservant, or our more recent blog readers, this might seem like criticism; but as Tony is a firm subscriber to the old adage 'Taste is the last refuge of the unimaginative' he put in 'a cheeky bid' in the hope of adding it to his collection of Fulham – No sale!

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