Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's not a bad idea... take time out of a busy work schedule to get really excited about something.

And that's just what some of our third year students did when they caught a faint whiff of assorted wooden letterpress type at a distance of well over 100 yards. Like vultures they began to circle...

Meanwhile, in a quiet, peaceful corner of the mezzanine, an unsuspecting Jim (33), separated from the rest of the herd, was innocently beginning to sort out his collection of tree-based type, unaware that his lovingly nurtured brood were the focus of attention from all around him.

Suddenly a hoard of rampaging students were upon him. They roughly pushed him aside – with no respect to his advancing years – and, quicker than a shoal of hungry piranhas can strip a carcass to the bone, the box was unpacked and tasty typographic treats were being fought over.

The frenzy in full swing

After a couple of minutes of frenzied activity, type-lust satiated, the students posed for post-prandial photographs with proof of their efforts...

L–R: Yrag Nicholson, Mica Connelly & Jen Cox (all 21)

and Grace Neal, Cat Hill and Dani Horton (all 21)

...and calm returned to the studio.

In our increasingly digital environment, we are truly, truly delighted that our students recognise the value of and find such enjoyment in tactile, tangible objects like letterpress type.


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