Friday, 3 February 2012

Crumble Friday Moves to the Studio

Miss Guthrie (21) turns her back on the crumble

If it's Friday it must be a 'Crumble Friday'.

Today is indeed Friday and here we provide photographic evidence of the crumble.

This 'fruits of the forest' beauty was optimistically purchased by Year 3 Graphic Design student Hannah Guthrie (21). Of course, as a graphic design student, Hannah was automatically awarded a Capt. Davies sized portion, but tragically this proved to be too much for the unsuspecting lass. Consumption ceased circa 2.00pm but as the bowl has since disappeared it looks like she's taken it home for her tea (if you're reading this in the South we mean 'dinner').

While we're talking of 'themed' days, James Meacock (21) of Year 3 Graphic Design informs us that he plans to instigate 'Wine Tuesday's'.

Watch this space!


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