Friday, 3 February 2012

There's No Greater Love Than That Between a Woman and Her Bicycle

Here we capture a beautiful moment of genuine love and affection as Year 3 Graphic Design student Petra Bláhová (21) tenderly polishes her beloved bicycle.

But why would anyone fall in love with a bike we hear you ask?

The answer is quite simple. Petra's childhood in the Czech Republic was blighted by the lack of beautiful, sports cycles. The influence of Soviet communism lingered on and sadly the people of the former Czechoslovakia only had one cycle available to them. This was the 'Ridejyabolokov' welded together from the recycled iron and steel of T-90 tanks and MIG jet fighters.

A 'Ridejyabolokov' pictured in Prague yesterday

No wonder then that Petra was seduced by a certain 'Claud Butler'. Featuring as he does a tooled leather Brookes saddle...

...Reynolds 531 tubing...

...and a four-speed derailleur gear system.

No right thinking person could resist these charms!


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