Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Drawing, Drawing, Drawing (and more Drawing)

Drawing is difficult but we love drawing, we do drawing, we practice drawing, we experiment with drawing. As a course, we could be said to be highly 'drawing-centric'. Here are some studio shots from the last week or so to illustrate what we mean...

A pre-Pollock Claire Wood (Year 3 Illustration)

Year 0 students intently study their subject

Year 1 students developing ideas

A post-Pollock Claire Wood (Year 3 Illustration)

Rach Ellis (Year 1 Graphic Design) contemplates even more designs to be produced with her trusty pencil

Here are some shots from the Year 0 Portrait Symposium 2012...

and a Year 3 Illustration project based upon observational drawing....

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  1. These are fantastic shots and beautiful work! I wish I went to your school... mine encourages thumbnail drawings, but not a lot of lot the fine art stuff. I'm loving those still lifes :) (is it lifes or lives? hmmm...)